City Makes Fast Electric Car Charging Station Available

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Since 2008, the City of Hopkins has had two parking spaces available in the parking rampthat have access to electrical outlets so that individuals can charge their electric vehicles. However, because these parking spaces only have normal electric service, it can take 8 to 10 hours to charge an electric vehicle.

The City and a private company, ZEF energy, have partnered to provide a fast charger to the public. A DC Fast Charger has been installed in front of a parking space along 11th Avenue across the street from the Arts Center. The Fast Charger can provide many electric vehicles with a charge of up to 80% of capacity in as little as 20 minutes. 


The average cost of charge is $3.40 (It is billed at $0.20 per minute.) Individuals wishing to use the charging station can set up an account at, and use a mobile app OR order a key fob from Greenlots.

The unit is owned and operated by ZEF Energy.  There was no cost to the City other than providing the site for the charger and the parking stall. 

The charger is compatible for: 

  • Nissan Leaf
  • BMWi3
  • Kia Soul EV
  • VW e-Golf
  • Mitsubishi i-Miev
  • Toyota Rav4 EV
  • Chevy Spark EV
  • Tesla Model X or S (with customer supplied adapter)
Matthew Blackler